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If you're struggling despite your hard work, Mastering Multiple Choice will help you get the marks you deserve on multiple choice tests.

From SAT's to LSAT, GMAT, MCAT and more, Mastering Multiple Choice is a complete solution for anyone who struggles with multiple choice exams.

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Multiple Choice Test FAQ’s

Q:Why multiple choice questions? What’s so special about them?

A: This year, students in North America alone are going to write more than half a billion multiple choice tests! If you’re like most students, a big portion of your grades are being determined by mulitple choice-style exams. SAT, MCAT, LSAT – they all use the multiple choice format. And those are just the high profile exams. The future of literally thousands of students – young and old – is being determined by multiple choice tests.

That being said, there are also some very specific reasons that multiple choice tests need specific strategies:

  • Multiple choice tests require a unique way of organizing, learning, and recalling your material.
  • Multiple choice tests require you to approach your exam in a specific way for best results
  • Multiple choice questions require a specific, learnable type of thinking that is independent of the subject material and how well you know it.

In other words, your success at multiple choice tests depends not just on how well you know your material, but how well you can write the test.

Q: Will this help me on my SAT’s (and other admission/professional exams)?

A: Unquestionably. The vast majority of tests are based on the multiple choice question format. In fact, the SAT is almost entirely multiple choice. Mastering Multiple Choice helps with all these exams by addressing the fundamental key to success needed in all of them: the core logic and strategies required to get better results on the test format itself.

Q: Will this help reduce my test anxiety?

A: Multiple choice questions are particularly difficult for anyone who suffers from test anxiety or worry. They’re often designed to create confusion, and intentionally lengthened to create intense time pressure. By mastering the test format itself, you can directly deal with the source of the anxiety. Simply studying harder and longer does not address test anxiety. Mastering Multiple Choice will give you the confidence in your preparation and your test-taking skills that you need. I guarantee you’ll notice a huge difference.

Q: What kind of results can I expect?

A: Most people see pretty dramatic results in a few different areas, depending on what their strengths are:

  1. Reduced study time: you’ll definitely be able to learn more during your study time.
  2. Increased recall and comprenhension: There’s nothing worse than studying and not being able to remember your material! We’ll get rid of that problem.
  3. Reduced test anxiety: No more “blanking” or “choking” or exam jitters.
  4. Faster test-taking: Get done on time. Or early!
  5. Better grades! That’s the bottom line, really. You’ll just do better.

Q: What’s with the Guarantee?

A: It’s pretty simple. If you aren’t impressed with the research and strategies in the book, or you don’t improve your results, just email me and I’ll refund your money. That’s it. (Because it’s an ebook, you even get to keep the book. Ebooks are hard to “return”.)

Q: Is this just for college students?

A: Not at all. Anyone who writes multiple choice tests can benefit from this. Adult students sometimes benefit even more because they’ve “forgotten” how to prepare for and take tests, or they’re not familiar with the multiple choice test format.

Q: What about younger students?

A: It’s not uncommon for younger students to have trouble with multiple choice questions, particulary when they are first introduced to them. Students who have trouble concentrating are often confused by the exams. Many parents have used the book as a tool to help them work with their own children to help them adapt to the format.

Q: What’s an Ebook? Is this a real book?

A: Absoutely. It’s not one of those cheesy ebooks with all the reseller links and adverstisements. It’s a real book, well organized and presented. Delivering it in ebook format cuts the cost for students by about 60%, and makes it available immeditately.  All you need is the free Adobe Reader.

Q: Can I get a regular print version?

A: No problem. You can order it here.