Studying but still struggling?

If you're struggling despite your hard work, Mastering Multiple Choice will help you get the marks you deserve on multiple choice tests.

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Studying hard but still struggling?

“I just can’t seem to do well on multiple choice tests.”

Multiple choice test guide

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A step-by-step system for great multiple choice grades:

  • The 10-second technique that instantly enables 1 in 3 students to increase their grades on multiple choice exams (p.34)
  • The test-taking system that guarantees you finish every single exam on time, and gets you better marks at the same time (p.29)
  • The proven psychological principle specifically applicable to multiple choice exams that will dramatically increase your recall during the exam (p.22)
  • The permanent solution to test anxiety, panic, and “blanking” (p.31)
  • The 4 critical study strategies that can cut your study time in half (p.24)
  • The simple formula that tells you exactly when to guess, even on tests that subtract marks for wrong answers (p.27)
  • How to nail your next test even if you’re a slow reader (p. 45)
  • The easy system to decipher trick questions and double/triple negatives (p.38)

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Stephen Merritt, B.Comm. , B.A.,
Author, Mastering Multiple Choice

PS: There are no “memory tricks” or speed reading “mega-methods”.  This is a proven, way of approaching your multiple choice tests that will permanently change your test-taking. Study less, score more.  Period.

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