Studying but still struggling?

If you're struggling despite your hard work, Mastering Multiple Choice will help you get the marks you deserve on multiple choice tests.

From SAT's to LSAT, GMAT, MCAT and more, Mastering Multiple Choice is a complete solution for anyone who struggles with multiple choice exams.

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Mastering Multiple Choice is a complete system for preparing for and writing multiple choice tests. It’s designed for people who:

  • Feel like they don’t do as well as they should on tests using multiple choice questions
  • Want to spend less time studying without sacrificing grades
  • Are writing any of the hundreds of admissions, professional or standardized exams such as SAT, LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, GRE, ACT, etc. and want to make every question count
  • Want to improve their recall for any multiple choice question exam
  • Need to reduce their test-anxiety or ‘blanking’
  • Don’t want to fall victim to the trick questions, time pressure and second-guessing that are common with multiple choice exams.

The methodology is easy to understand, and apply, and best of all, it works! The book comes with a money-back guarantee.

How Does it Work?

The Mastering Multiple Choice questions system is based on some simple premises:

  1. MOST testing is being done using the multiple choice question format. This year, students in North America alone are going to write more than half a billion multiple choice tests. Just about every professional and entrance exam on the planet uses this format. If you haven’t developed your multiple choice test-taking skills to their fullest, you may be leaving marks on the table.
  2. The biggest driver of your test success is how good you are at actually taking the test. Studying is only part of the equation. Maximizing your skill with multiple choice questions will improve your test results regardless of how much you’ve studied. Because of their overwhelming presence, mastering this format once can help you on just about every exam you write, forever.
  3. Multiple choice questions are really measuring how good you are at the test format. I regularly hear from very smart, very hard-working students who are struggling despite their efforts. They don’t realize that in preparing for their exams, they need to do more than just learn the material.
  4. Multiple choice test-taking is a learnable skill. This is not about intelligence. It’s about a specific set of learnable skills and strategies for multiple choice questions. Learn them once, and you’ve got them forever.
  5. Multiple choice questions are not always fair. Because of the inherent problems with the format, instructors will often try to “trick” students to compensate for guessing. Learning to not be fooled is part of the system.

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