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The Ultimate Multiple Choice Test Strategy

by S. Merritt on September 6, 2009

There’s one single tip for multiple choice questions that will improve your multiple choice test scores more than all other categories combined:

Understand that multiple choice test-taking is a skill.

It’s true. Just like driving a car, learning to ski or speaking another language, multiple choice questions are a learnable skill. And because they’re a skill:

  • You can get better at them (regardless of the subject matter)
  • You can get faster at them
  • You can reduce your preparation for them over time
  • You can reduce your stress level when writing them

The question is, how?

How To Implement the Multiple Choice Strategy

Mastering the multiple choice question format means doesn’t mean studying harder for your next exam, or trying to cram more history, business, economics, math, phyics or accounting into your brain. It means you need to master the test style.

For that, you need a system. That system is Mastering Multiple Choice.

Three Reasons to Start Getting The Results You Deserve

There’s three very good reasons to give the Mastering Multiple Choice system a try:

Your scores will increase.

Why else? Multiplce choice tests are a system for easily scoring large numbers of students with as little cost as possible. They only exist to score; you should only write them to score. If you want to get the same results you already do, then you don’t need to do anything different than you already are.

You’ll study less.

It’s time to give up the ridiculous notion that you always need to invest more time to get better grades.

It’s risk-free.

$9.95 and a complete money-back gurantee? Really, that’s hardly a big risk. And the guarantee is real. If you don’t get exactly what you expect from Mastering Multiple Choice, just email me, and I’ll send the money back. And I’ll do it cheerfully. (For the thousands of people using the strategies from Mastering Multiple Choice, I’ve refunded the full amount once, and that was to a student who’s sister had already purchased the system and was sharing it with her!)

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