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LARE Multiple Choice Questions and Test Tips

by S. Merritt on September 17, 2009

The LARE (Landscape Architecture Registration Examination) is made up of five sections.  Each section receives a pass or fail score independently from the other sections.  All five sections must be passed before licensure.

LARE includes a good helping of multiple choice, so I thought I’d break down the nuts and bolts, and offer up a few sample tests and test-taking tips.

The Basics of the LARE multiple choice questions:

  • Three of the five sections are multiple choice
  • The exam uses computer-based testing in a testing centre
  • Each item is worth one point each
  • There are two types of multiple-choice questions used in the examination. The most common is the multiple-choice item with four answer choices.  The second type of MCQ may have up to nine answer options.

LARE Multiple Choice Test-Taking Tips

Points are NOT subtracted for wrong answers, and each MCQ is weighted equally, so answering all questions, even if you’re guessing, is in your best interest!

Because the MCQ’s are taken on computers, cycling is hard, and so time management becomes more critical. Landscape Architecture Resource has some great LARE test-taking tips, as well as some excellent suggestions for budgeting your time:

Section A – Project and Construction Administration

  • 70 questions
  • 1 hour 45 minutes (plus 15 minute tutorial)
  • = 1.5 minutes per question

Section B – Inventory, Analysis and Program Development

  • 90 questions
  • 2 hours (plus 15 minute tutorial)
  • = 1.33 min per question

Section D – Design and Construction Documentation

  • 120 questions
  • 3 hours (plus 15 minute tutorial)
  • = 1.5 min per question

The link to The Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards (CLARB) for the LARE sample test isn’t working, but CLARB offers a number of LARE resources. Free LARE questions seem hard to come by, but you can get:

You can also purchase a multiple-choice practice test from CLARB.

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