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How to Deal With Negatives in Multiple Choice Questions

One of the reasons multiple choice questions are so difficult is that they’re often designed to be intentionally misleading. On a multiple choice test you may have to decipher complicated statements just to understand the question before you even start trying to find the correct response. An overuse of negatives is one way that test […]

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Practice Multiple Choice Questions for the NCE Massage Exam

The Body Worker has links to a whopping pile of sample multiple choice questions for the Massage Therapy National Certification (NCE). 1. The sequences and directions of Swedish massage strokes are most adapted to which anatomical or physiological situation? a) Muscle attachments b) Subcutaneous adipose tissue c) Autonomic nervous system D) Lymph drainage and venous […]

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Cover the Options – A Simple MCQ Strategy [Multiple Choice Questions]

In multiple choice test jargon, the incorrect options on the test are called distractors, and they’re aptly named because they do just that: distract you from the correct answer. Distractors are tough. They lead to second-guessing, and increased test anxiety. Good multiple choice test-taking, on the other hand, is all about focus, and distractors don’t […]

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Why You’re Struggling With Multiple Choice Questions (And What to Do About It)

First of all, you’re not alone. One of the great injustices of our modern education system is that many people are being left behind by objective testing because they aren’t taught how to master the test format. Students are offered all kinds of support for the tools of essay-style response tests – skills like  spelling […]

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How To Finish Every Multiple Choice Test On Time

If there’s one complaint I hear more often than any other from students about their multiple choice exams, it’s that they can’t seem to finish them on time.  And it’s a reasonable complaint. Nothing’s more frustrating than leaving pages of unfilled bubbles – particularly on exams that don’t penalize for guessing. Not finishing on time […]

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Before You Study: 4 Critical Multiple Choice Study Concepts

Here are four themes that characterize excellent multiple choice preparation: Use Successive Condensing One of the critical factors of mastering you material is to continually have less of it on paper, and more of it in your head.   I call this successive condensing. Your study notes should continually shrink until they become a very simple […]

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Thou Shalt Pass: 10 Commandments for Multiple Choice Tests

Here are a few “commandments” for taking multiple choice question exams – these simple tips can make a great difference your results: Use real multiple choice questions to study Don’t lock yourself to a fixed study schedule Structure your material Focus on learning, understanding, and context – not straight memorization Cycle through the test – […]

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Using the Process of Elimination for Multiple Choice Questions

The standard mindset for any kind of testing is to come up with the right answer. Right? Well, that’s certainly a valid approach. After all, if you come up with all the right answers, then you’ll get a perfect score. What could be easier? Welcome to reality. In the real world, people don’t know all […]

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How To Write a Multiple Choice Test: The Cycle Method

How you take your multiple choice test can affect your marks more than any other factor. The cycle method is one of the single best steps you can take to improve your grades. Best of all, you can implement it right away. It works like this: instead of completing the multiple choice questions in numerical […]

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6 Pitfalls To Avoid When Studying for Multiple Choice Tests

You can be putting in hours of study time, but your time’s being wasted if you’re falling into these common traps when studing for your multiple choice tests: Rigid study schedule: Study schedules aren’t always ideal for multiple choice exams, and they may not fit your style. Don’t be too rigid. Reading and re-reading (writing […]

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