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Mastering Multiple Choice has been used by students of all ages to get better grades on multiple choice tests. Since it’s publication, Mastering Multiple Choice has been used in dozens of countries including the United States, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand and throughout Europe.

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-R.S., Medical Doctor, Toronto, ON, Canada

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-M.A., Mastering Multiple Choice user, United Kingdom

S.D. a student studing for her R.N. exams at McMaster Univeristy, wrote us this kind letter:

Hello Mr. Merritt,

I just wanted to update you.  I PASSED my (seven-hour long) RN exam!!!!!  Thank you very much for your help!  The book really helped me in my Canadian Registered Nurse Examination.

Thank you again for your advice and for writing such a helpful book!  Your time and effort in writing this book helped me to pass this exam.  I only wish I had this book earlier because I would have done much better in my university exams!  I’ll definitely keep this book handy when I go back for my Masters and hopefully Nurse Practitioner program (where I have to write ANOTHER long national exam)!

Take care and have a great day!

– S.D., Nursing student, McMaster University, Canada